We craft our cakes with only the finest ingredients: fragrant vanilla beans, fruit reductions & home made jams, exotic spices, premium specialty chocolates, sweet butter and fresh cream, freshly picked fruit from local farms, organic nuts and exceptional liqueurs.

Special Menu: Pesach Menu 2019

Chocolate Lovers

  • Abandon Mint

    chocolate cake, mint chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate crunch

  • Boston Cream Pie

    vanilla cake, vanilla custard, dark chocolate glaze

  • Peanut Butter Cup

    chocolate cake, creamy peanut butter frosting, peanut butter cup crumble, chocolate ganache

  • Sweet N' Salty

    chocolate cake, salty caramel, whipped chocolate ganache, fleur de sel

  • Holy Cannoli

    chocolate cake, fresh cream, cannoli chocolate chip filling

  • Mudslide

    chocolate cake, mocha buttercream, toffee crunch, dark chocolate buttercream

  • German Chocolate

    chocolate cake, organic pecan coconut filling, bittersweet chocolate ganache

  • Before Midnight

    vanilla cake, dark chocolate mousse, bittersweet chocolate ganache

  • After Midnight

    chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, bittersweet chocolate ganache

  • Brooklyn Blackout

    chocolate cake, Valrhona chocolate pudding, chocolate fudge frosting


  • The Devil Made Us Do It

    chocolate cake frosted with old-fashioned chocolate fudge

  • Birthday Cake

    vanilla cake frosted with old-fashioned chocolate fudge

  • The Classic

    vanilla cake frosted with dark chocolate buttercream

  • Black and White

    chocolate cake frosted with french vanilla buttercream

  • Vanilla Vanilla

    vanilla cake & french vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate Chocolate

    chocolate cake & dark chocolate buttercream

Fruity Favorites

  • The Limelight

    vanilla cake, cheesecake filling, key lime curd, graham cracker streusel

  • Mimosa

    vanilla cake, orange gelee, sparkling champagne buttercream

  • Passionately Kissed

    vanilla cake, passion fruit curd, white chocolate

  • Strawberry Lemonade

    vanilla cake, organic lemon custard, fresh strawberry buttercream

  • Lemon Drop

    vanilla cake, organic lemon custard, swiss meringue frosting

  • Rhapsody in Raspberry

    vanilla cake, organic lemon custard, raspberry buttercream

Kid Friendly

  • Straciatella

    vanilla cake, chocolate straciatella buttercream, cookie dough streusel

  • Neopolitan

    vanilla cake, wild strawberry buttercream, chocolate cereal crunch, milk chocolate buttercream

  • S'more S'merrier

    chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, graham cracker streusel, marshmallow creme

  • Malted Milkshake

    chocolate cake, malted milk buttercream, crushed malt balls

  • Cookie Monster

    chocolate cake, french vanilla buttercream, chocolate-covered homemade "oreos"

Off The Beaten Path

  • Bananapalooza

    vanilla cake, banana cream cheese, chocolate chips

  • Chocolate Dipped Apricot

    vanilla cake, california apricots, black pepper-caramel, chocolate ganache

  • Kettle Corn Crunch

    yellow cake, kettle corn buttercream, nyc rooftop honey, popcorn crunch, sea salt

  • The Subourbon

    vanilla cake, bourbon cream cheese frosting, spiced caramel, english toffee

  • Pretzilla

    chocolate cake, stout beer caramel, dark chocolate ganache, crushed pretzel, salty caramel

Signature Favorites

  • Caramel Ribbon

    vanilla cake, sea salt buttercream, caramel swirl

  • Graham Central Station

    vanilla cake, graham cracker frosting, caramel swirl, honeycomb sponge

  • Hillbilly Riviera

    vanilla cake, cream cheese, crushed cookies, salty caramel, nougatine, peanuts and peanut butter cup (a little on the sweet side)

  • Crumbella Deville

    vanilla cake, almond cheesecake filling, michigan tart cherries, streusel crumbs

  • Southern Red Velvet

    buttermilk cake with a hint of red cocoa, frosted with classic cream cheese or vanilla buttercream

  • Glazey River

    vanilla cake, hazelnut buttercream, praline crunch and bittersweet chocolate glaze

  • Organic Carrot Cake

    vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and toasted organic pecans

  • Dulce de Leche

    vanilla cake, dulce de leche buttercream, toasted almonds, caramel buttercream

  • Coconut Dream

    vanilla cake, coconut custard, coconut marshmallow frosting, shaved coconut